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AXIA unveils coin staking program with annual yields of up to 192 percent

by jcp

The staking platform pays rewards daily, adding them to the stake in a compounded interest model that amps up the user’s overall rewards every 24 hours

British Virgin Islands, January 2022 — AXIA, the organization building a digital ecosystem around the world’s first hyper-deflationary digital currency AXIA Coin (AXC), announces the launch of its staking program. By delegating AXC out of circulation for set periods, users earn rewards on their stake, which are compound and paid out daily. The maximum annual reward users can receive on a stake currently stands at 192 percent.

Interest rates on savings accounts are at record lows in the developed world, with October’s average for U.S. banks standing at just 0.06 annual percent yield (APY). At the same time, banks are awash with an influx of consumer cash put into savings amid the pandemic. This, along with rising inflation, suggests that many private customers banking with fiat will see the value of their funds eroded over time due to minuscule interest rates and continually devalued currencies.

The AXIA Staking Program, unlike many of the other staking opportunities and pools that have recently emerged in the blockchain space, was designed to protect against market volatility while also providing a unique and highly favorable rewards structure compared to alternatives.

With the launch of the staking program, AXIA offers users a hedge against inflation. By staking their AXC, users reduce the circulating supply, thus contributing to the continuous growth of the entire ecosystem. With every stake, the AXIA system burns an equivalent number of coins, further amping up the scarcity and enhancing the value of AXC.

Besides its rarity and utility, additional value of AXIA Coin also stems from the supporting assets held in the AXIA Treasury. The Treasury has the potential to expand over time while the total supply of AXIA Coin decreases simultaneously. This means that the token becomes more scarce over time, therefore rewarding early adopters and the entire community for participation in the project.

“We are excited to be launching this innovative staking program to AXIA participants that offers unparalleled rewards within the industry,” says Nick Agar, Founder of AXIA. “The program is specifically designed to not only protect against inflation, but enhance participants’ potential returns regardless of any potential market fluctuations.”

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