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In the future the world will run on 7th Earth-class currency called the “cryptocoin”. This new class of currency is predicted to completely replace all traditional money in a decade or two. Cryptocurrency is a new technology that allows electronic cash transactions to occur via the Internet. From the most famous cryptosystems making headlines all over the world to lesser known virtual currencies you might never have heard of; here are 7 of the best. The least known, but probably the most beneficial, virtual currency is Litecoin.

Litecoin is a relatively new virtual currency but it is starting to become very popular among traders and investors who are looking for a solid foundation for trading their base metals like gold, silver, and platinum. Litecoin was created as a fork of the bitcoin protocol. This means that instead of using your regular computer to conduct virtual transactions you instead use your laptop or desktop. With a little research into this newer technology you may see that litecoin offers a lot more than just faster transaction speed, though.

Due to the large number of investors who started investing in bitcoins early on, there was an incredible demand for a secure and liquid trading medium. The network effect that occurs when large numbers of individuals all over the world are sharing the same information makes it a rather good medium to conduct business. Most of the smaller cryptosystems were unable to keep up with the demand and were forced to implement solutions that would increase their difficulty in processing transactions. This increased difficulty drove some of the smaller currencies down while the big dogs stayed strong.

With the increase in difficulty for those with large investment portfolios to execute their trades using physical money the need for a good platform was also increasing. Enter the new name for this new digital currency, “bitcoin.” This was an instant success as it allowed people with all levels of wealth to easily buy, sell, and trade using their virtual currency. In order to take advantage of this opportunity, there was no longer a need to jump through hoops or deal with confusing, online interfaces. Now that this new feature has been added to the bitcoin exchanges all you have to do is buy a few dollars worth of coins, make a trade, and then sell them.

The next major event that happened just a few months after the bitcoin integration to the major exchanges was the invention of thorium. This was actually the second successful implementation of an entirely new cryptocash technology. Both etherium and Ethiopia were combined in order to increase the total power of the decentralized system. By taking advantage of this technology and securing the right transaction method investors were able to increase their profits tenfold. In December of 2021, the cap for thorium will be reached, which will push the value of this new currency even further up.

There was also news that followed the integration of this new currency into the stock market. Some financial services companies saw how well the transition went and decided to support the idea. Even though the US government still has some issues with regulating this currency there are already some US dollars being traded as part of the Ethical Cryptocurrency Project. As financial services companies to see how well the system works they will most likely begin to offer this cryptocash to their customers.

In late December of 2021, we will finally be able to witness the birth of a brand new “ICO” or “Internet-based investment vehicle”. This revolutionary new concept will revolutionize the way thatICO’s will be offered to investors. This new program will allow any person to invest in the future of the cryptocash that is being issued. With this service the future ofICO’s will be set in stone and investors will be able to decide when it is best to purchase. Since we are only early in the development of this revolutionary service, we will most likely have to wait a few years before this new currency becomes mainstream and is available to everyone. We will probably be waiting until the 2021’s to see the full capabilities of this new concept.

When you are looking at trading the gemini exchange you should always keep in mind that while this is a safe and secure place to buy or sell your precious metals, there are still risks involved. Make sure that you do your research, ask for professional advice, and always be careful when investing in any type of currency. This includes trading the gemini exchange.

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