A number of banks have said they will not accept transfers from Bitcoin exchanges. But Syed Rahman of financial crime specialists Rahman Ravelli expects many of them to change their stance in the near future. The discussion about whether investing in cryptocurrency is a sound financial move or a high-stakes … Read more

What makes Bitcoin unique?

By Rhian Lewis, author of The Cryptocurrency Revolution There are now many different digital currencies, from small-circulation cryptocurrencies to government-issued electronic cash – but there is only one Bitcoin Paying for goods and services with a debit card or phone app is not new: these forms of digital payment have … Read more


By Katharine Wooller, Managing Director, UK and Eire, Dacxi. This week bitcoin hit a record price of $19,920; why, how, and what next, are an intriguing conundrum.  Since the previous high, in 2017, crypto fans have been eagerly awaiting a much-hyped bull run. It is important to acknowledge the previous high was … Read more

Olsztyn, Poland: The first city in the world to use Ethereum blockchain to help emergency services with SmartKey

Secure, keyless blockchain-enabled entry using a Teltonika smart device, governed by an Ethereum smart contract and connected via SmartKey technology, will allow rescue services to access secure districts and areas without delay. First city in the world to connect blockchain to rescue services. Crucial  use-case for smart cities of the … Read more

How Block chain has risen up to Excellence

With the development of block chain technology, several organizations have started to realize the great advantages it can offer. It is a unique technology that can bring about significant improvement in every area. It is a form of the information technology and has been introduced by many companies that were … Read more

Block chain at its Excellence

As I am sure you know, the Block chain is a new technology being utilized by most of the big financial institutions today. Although many people have heard about the Blockchain, there are still a lot of misconceptions regarding it and many people who may be interested in becoming involved … Read more