How blockchain can help telemedicine providers

By  René Seifert, co-head of If you’ve yet to come across the term ‘telemedicine’, it’s defined as follows: ‘Telemedicine is the use of technology to virtually administer medical advice, prognosis, and support from a qualified practitioner to a telehealth patient.’ With the lockdown of physical locations and the postponement … Read more

A Blockchain Wallet – The Simplest Way to Store Your Money

A blockchain wallet is an electronic wallet, which allows users to store, manage and control their ether and bitcoin. Blockchain Wallet provides a platform for people and companies to develop smart contracts and applications. The system allows easy transfers in the form of tokens and transactions between users. A Blockchain … Read more

Innovation in the World of Blockchain Technologies

Innovation in Blockchain Technologies has the potential to disrupt the global economy and put all countries in an uncomfortable position. When a business is able to create its own digital ledger, then it has the ability to create a new asset class, as well as a new form of currency. … Read more

Innovation in the Currency Trading

Innovation in the field of currency trading is fast and getting faster as we go along. With all the talk going on about digital currencies, there’s no doubt that this trend is not going to slow down anytime soon, and the future of digital money is looking very promising. Innovation … Read more

Innovation in the World of Blockchains

Innovation in blockchain technology has been at the forefront of many people’s minds over recent months. After all, this technology is so quickly evolving that it’s difficult to keep up with everything. And we’re not even talking about just the technology side of things; there are literally hundreds of businesses … Read more

Global Brain Challenge Series

The Blockchain Innovation Challenge is an international competition aimed at promoting collaboration between software developers and businesses that aim to create applications and services that run on the block chain. Section 1 of the competition, the Innovation Prize, will award $900,000 in cash to industry-first developed ways driving interoperability, developer … Read more

Innovations on Blockchain

It is no secret that there is tremendous hype surrounding the use of block chain technology for many innovations on block chain. Even though the technology is a relatively new one, a number of different types of innovations on block chain are quickly coming to light. The first type of … Read more