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Conversion of cryptocurrency into a franchise

by maria

Fantastic Services, a number one domestic services franchise in the UK, has come up with an innovative scheme that allows potential partners to invest their digital earnings into their own franchise.

The Fantastic Services scheme would enable future franchise owners to get both Master and Area Development licenses in exchange for Bitcoin or any other authorised digital currency. According to the domestic franchise, the innovative programme is the first of its kind for the UK.

For those taking advantage of the scheme would be joining a global company, that now offers over 100 household services and turnover of around 40M worth of services. Fantastic Services was established 12 years ago, and is now a leader in domestic services with more than 500 franchise partners not only in the UK, but Australia and United States as well. The company provides services, such as cleaning, anti-viral sanitisation, gardening, handyman, pest control and other.

Nowadays, franchise licences with Fantastic Services start from £15,000. Bitcoin and other digital currency owners can obtain a licence with a minimal amount of 10 ETH or 0.5 BTC, and there are no stings or network transaction fees.

“Digital currency is a vicious circle and we want to help people who are stuck in a loop by offering them the chance to cash out their currency and use it to purchase something tangible that will provide a sustainable income and help break the chain of cryptocurrency.”

Rune Sovndahl, co-founder of Fantastic Services

According to Finder.com, one-fifth of Brits have invested in cryptocurrencies. In fact, they have also stated that since 2018, the number of people that purchase digital currencies has significantly increased by 558%.

“We have all been through a very challenging 12 months, with a lot of volatility in the market. It’s no secret that very soon, all cryptocurrency transactions over £1,000 will become taxable and that the future of digital currency is clouded with uncertainty,” Rune says.

“With limited options available for exchanging digital currency into tangible assets, we feel the best solution is to use the currency to help start a real-world company. And this is why we have refreshed our model to accept cryptocurrency payments. We aim to enable people to spend their digital earnings by buying a business that can deliver real-world returns, and break the chain of digital currency. This will allow people to start earning cash through their own franchise. We believe this solution will help thousands of people in the UK to escape from cryptocurrency.”

“Since the relaxing of Covid-19 restrictions, we have seen a huge spike in demand for our services and are growing exponentially across the country. We are always trying to develop new ways of helping people start a franchise business. With the volatility of the digital currency market – and with many people seeking a way out – we are offering crypto investors a solution to cash out their currency in return for a sustainable franchise model,” adds Jenny Farenden, the franchise marketing director of Fantastic Services.

The company have won numerous awards, and were named the seventh-best franchise in the UK by Franchise Direct 2021. Among those high-profile franchise businesses that earned a lower ranking than Fantastic Services were: Subway, Burger King and Starbucks.

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