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FemPeak launches FREE Masterclass on Decentralised Finance,

by jcp

On Tuesday, May 3rd, FemPeak, a membership platform for companies and individuals navigating the new business landscape, including NFT’s, the metaverse, crypto, and web3, will offer all attendees a free masterclass on decentralised finance.

The founder of FemPeak, Somi Arian, and Camila Russo, former financial journalist at Bloomberg News and founder of The Defiant, will speak at the one-hour beginner-friendly event, which will cover what decentralised finance is, why it’s essential to start learning about it and how it can benefit individuals and companies.

Coinchange is also sponsoring the masterclass, with a guest panellist appearance from their founder, Maxim Galash.

Somi Arian, Founder and CEO of FemPeak, said: “The world of decentralised finance is so new and so dominated by a select few who have had more exposure to crypto. But that also means there is massive opportunity for early adoption, and we are excited to present this information in a very accessible way so that beginners curious to explore DeFi will be ready to participate.”

The masterclass will be held on 3rd May at 5pm GBT. Click here to register your seat.

About FemPeak

FemPeak is a Web3 education platform where we prepare companies and individuals to participate in the ownership economy and the next generation of the internet. We are led by women and inclusive to everyone ready to thrive in the emerging world order defined by technology.

An ecosystem where visionary individuals come to gain live access to global leaders, learn about the macro-economic landscape, rub shoulders with their peers, to stay in the know and ahead of the curve in the fast-paced world of business, technology, and creativity.

The FemPeak platform is growing fast with an online audience of more than 60,000 users that are genuinely passionate about supporting women in all areas of professional growth. Following a successful round of investor funding in 2021, the business is now valued at £25million, with the next round of funding planned for April 2022.

Website: https://www.fempeak.ai/

About Somi Arian

Somi Arian is a Tech Philosopher, award-winning filmmaker, author, entrepreneur and LinkedIn Top Voice. Somi defines herself as a ‘Transition Architect’ providing much-needed frameworks to transition positively as humans merge with technology. She is the founder and CEO of FemPeak and Smart Cookie Media. Her interest in the exponential growth of technology has led her to study, learn, trade and invest in blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

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