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NAVEX Global’s 2022 Top 10 Trends

by wrich
  • Risk & Compliance Management Expands to Include ESG

ESG is a compliance issue – and is quickly converging with risk and compliance. Organizations will increasingly integrate ESG into their compliance programs and corporate culture.

  • EU Whistleblowing Directive

In December of 2021, the final EU Whistleblower Directive deadline passed, bringing it into full effect. Responding and to the widening array of resulting whistleblower regulations will be a key challenge for compliance in 2022 – and beyond.

  • ESG Disclosure Adoption – What Can We Learn From the EU?

The EU is leading the way in ESG framework adoption, and the world is watching. What regulations will the rest of the world adopt, and how should organizations respond?

  • The New Normal Workplace (pt. 1) – R&C Management

Hybrid work is the way of the future – creating a myriad of risk and compliance concerns in its wake. How can organizations work to effectively manage these risks and maintain compliance?

  • The New Normal Workplace (pt. 2) –Training and Policy Management

COVID-19 caused many organizations to rapidly transition major segments of their workforce to work-from-home environments. Now, many organizations are rethinking how to manage remote onboarding, training, and policy management in the new era of hybrid work.

  • Holistic Third-Party Risk Management

Third-party risk has spans multiple dimensions – making an integrated, cross-functional response more important than ever. In 2022, effective third-party risk management will require a holistic approach incorporating regulatory requirements, ESG concerns, and enterprise risk management. 

  • Data Privacy – Frameworks and Implementation

Data privacy laws continue to multiply, forcing compliance to cope with an increasing number of competing rules and regulations. Compliance must adapt by choosing and properly implementing privacy frameworks to prevent “privacy regulation overload.”

  • DEI Is Not “One Size Fits All”

There is no “standard” when creating a diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) program. Successful DEI efforts increasingly require understanding and responding to the needs and preferences unique to your organization’s workforce.

  • Speak, Listen, Act – Mining Internal Reporting Data to Drive Strong Corporate Culture

Employee feedback is a valuable resource. Listening to and acting on compliance data such as internal reports can raise morale, decrease turnover, and improve overall culture.

  • The Impact of IT Risk on Business Continuity – Making Businesses More Resilient

Business continuity is no longer about how you respond after a crisis – it’s about how you operate during one. With unprecedented and ongoing disruption, how can businesses maintain continuity and build resilient practices to withstand constant change in a volatile environment?

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