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NFT Collection ‘Homo Spacien’ To Launch Pre Sale

by wrich

European provider of digital wall art technology, Vizzio Art Creators Lab (VACL), is following its recent announcement of its limited NFT collection ‘Homo Spacien’ launch by unveiling a new year pre-sale ahead of its January 20th release date.

VACL will be dropping 1,000 of their collection of 10,000 ‘female’ Homo Spaciens, designed as digital collage art, via their website for a pre sale on January 17 2022 to those whitelisted, with it set to be the world’s first NFT collection that will allow a sneak preview in high definition on the TVs, and screens of those interested in the collection.

“Instead of seeing a small image on a marketplace, NFT collectors will be able to experience this distinctive collection using a proprietary Digital Art & NFT platform, Vizzio Art”, explains Patrick Ashworth, Founder and CEO. “We are extremely excited to launch this unique NFT collection at a time when there are so many great achievements with space missions.”

The Homo Spacien collection keeps in line with the current movement towards PFP (Picture for Proof) Art and the huge demand for such computer-generated digital artworks. It pushes the boundaries of our imagination and allows users to imagine what life could be like on another planet.

More than just an NFT collection, Homo Spacien will form a community of like-minded NFT collectors and lovers of space innovation that will be able to provide ideas and feedback for a ‘male’ version. This includes the opportunity to participate in discussions so that the community’s feedback will shape the future of the collection as well as being in with a chance to win free NFTs.

Additionally, owners of the ‘female’ Homo Spacien collection will receive a unique mobile and desktop screensaver, space-themed events and giveaways, and free access to Vizzio Art and an exclusive merch store will be introduced at the beginning of 2022.

Vizzio Art will also be donating 10% of minting proceeds from the main sale to three charities chosen by the community. All of which are related to the exploration of space through education and advocacy, and helping refugees find new homes.

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