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  • UK’s leading crypto wealth platform launches ‘Dacxi Learn’  – the first crypto platform to provide face-to-face educational events that fill the knowledge gap across the financial community by providing comprehensive education and knowledge building, to promote and build confidence in digital assets.

Dacxi, the UK’s leading crypto wealth platform, has established a pioneering education platform as a gateway to encourage professional financial services to increase the depth of knowledge in the ever growing $2 trillion USD cryptocurrency industry. 

The move to create ‘Dacxi Learn’ comes as cryptocurrency is increasingly acknowledged through its adoption by many of the world’s highly influential global financial institutions. The guidance to the UK’s financial sector is to keep pace with the rapidity of crypto’s trajectory, which means building confidence, knowledge, and education around the crypto market.  

A 2021 report on cryptocurrency from the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) concluded that 2.3million people – 4.4% of UK adults – now hold cryptocurrency and there has been a notable shift away from consumers citing cryptocurrency as a ‘gamble’, with more viewing the digital currency as an alternative, or complement to, mainstream investments.  

Katharine Wooller, Managing Director of Dacxi, commented, 

“Crypto can no longer be ignored and the time for financial professionals and consumers to be educated is now.  Across the UK finance professionals deal with millions of clients who will soon be asking questions about this exciting asset class, if they are not doing so already.” 

Points echoed by David Britton – Tax Partner at BDO Accountancy. He comments: 

‘There is a clear need for education. It’s crucial that all professionals are aware of the fundamentals around crypto tax and indeed our clients are demanding it – We are delighted to be speaking at the events put on by Dacxi Learn and would encourage any professional to come to one of the sessions’  

Dacxi, which is a member of CPD, (globally the largest Continuous Personal Development Training Accreditation Service), has appointed Gisa Ellis as its global Director of Learn.  She heads the ‘roll-out’ of Dacxi LEARN to ensure that crypto education is available to both financial professionals and retail consumers. 

She comments, 

“The launch of Dacxi LEARN is a key resource in building people’s crypto confidence and addresses the ‘fear factor’ associated with an asset class that has been the best performing asset globally over the last few years.  With the right education, we will give financial professionals the confidence they need to talk to their clients knowledgeably about this powerful asset class.” 

As part of its UK roll-out programme, Dacxi Learn is hosting a series of CPD certified ‘Future of Finance’ lunch and learn seminars.  These seminars bring together speakers from Dacxi, together with other expert speakers and advisors, to inform and educate Financial Professionals on a range of Crypto topics.   We believe that this is the first time a Crypto platform has provided in person events to the financial sector community.  

“The Future of Finance: Crypto Lunch and Learn” events take place at a series of venues across the UK, throughout March and April and are free to attend for financial professionals.   Further details including free registration to the seminar events can be found at https://learn.dacxi.com/ or at http://www.cryptolunchandlearn.com

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