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RichQUACK’s hyper-deflationary token combats inflation through black hole and staking

A 100-percent community-driven project, RichQUACK prevents inflation by leveraging hyper-deflationary tokenomics and automatic liquidity to offer high returns and static rewards to its holders

by wrich

March 2022 – RichQUACK, a hyper-deflationary token backed by a community of more than 205,000 on Twitter and 57,000 on Telegram, combats inflation through a deflationary token with a built-in 12 percent transaction fee, including 2 percent into a black hole. RichQUACK offers an alternative to long-term savings, pensions, and earning rewards through staking and a black hole, ensuring its users their money stays unimpaired by inflation. 

As the U.S. Federal Reserve navigates the pandemic-stricken economy, inflation reaches its highest levels in 30 years. The rising prices of cars, food, and gas are actually causing a psychological shift in Americans’ minds, as inflation becomes a top concern for many. Even those with savings and pensions are concerned since their money may decrease in value due to high inflation rates.

RichQUACK bypasses the inflation issue through its deflationary token with a built-in 12 percent transaction fee. The fee is split as follows; 4 percent holder rewards, 4 percent auto liquidity, 2 percent black hole, and 2 percent marketing and development wallet. By offering an alternative to traditional savings, RichQUACK offers its users a stable investment opportunity unaffected by inflationary prices. 

To further token holders investments, RichQUACK is also set to launch its first incubated project, Earthling whose token will be used to support funding for the whole project and reward users with carbon credits through staking. Earthing will make it easy to measure daily carbon emissions and offset carbon footprint by buying carbon credits through the platform. Token holders will also become part of the Earthling DAO and have their say on potential projects to support and fund distribution between reforestation programs and non-profits.

The QUACK token is listed on Gate io, Bitmart, Digifinex, Hotbit, ZT Global, XT.com Exchange, PancakeSwap, MEXC, and BKEX. 

About RichQUACK:

RichQUACK is a play on words, mocking those who want to get rich fast without working hard. They are a community of members that work hard together, for token holders to earn money simply by holding the token. RichQUACK is a 100 percent community-driven hyper deflationary token, with high liquidity, offering high returns to investors, backed by a strong community of over 205,000 on Twitter and 57,000 on Telegram. RichQUACK’s QUACK token has strong utilities such as a launchpad, staking, and an incubated project, which empowers individuals, families, and businesses to take an active part in eliminating carbon emissions.

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